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Shastri News - October 2009

Should academics also be activists?

Should academics strictly study, teach and observe or are they also obligated to derive opinions, react to their findings, and influence others to do the same? Dr. Rama Singh, professor in the Department of Biology at McMaster University, surely knows where he stands. Although lately he has been doing a lot less standing and a lot more running around. When you mix academics and activism what you don’t end up with is a lot of free time.

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Shastri fellow and language pioneer to receive France’s highest honor

When Dr. Asha Pande first moved to Rajasthan in 1977, not a single academic institution was teaching French. “Initially,” she told the Times of India, “the scene here was very depressing as people were not very enthusiastic about the language.” Today, however, over 25 schools and eight colleges are teaching French in Rajasthan thanks to Dr. Pande’s pioneering efforts.

On October 14, 2009, Dr. Pande received a letter indicating that the President of the Republic of France had recently signed a decree nominating her to be knighted in the National Order of the Legion of Honour, the highest decoration in France.

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Alumni database project initiated

We are very pleased to announce that the Shastri Institute has begun the process of archiving all our grant and award alumni on our website.

View the alumni section

So far we have covered from 2005 to 2009 and we will be working our way backwards during the next few months. Do not be alarmed if your name is not yet listed if the grant or award you received was either very recent or prior to 2005. We will be providing monthly updates on our progress.

This project is still in its preliminary phase and we appreciate your feedback as we build it. If you discover any errors in the information we have posted please let us know. We welcome and encourage photos from our alumni to add to their personal profiles.

Please feel free to contact Sarah Hawkins, Communications Officer at the Canada Office.

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What dictates successful economic integration for Indian immigrants in Canada?

Why do some Indian immigrants experience upward mobility in Canada while others never manage to fully integrate economically? Dr. Sandeep Agrawal, founding director of the graduate program in Urban Development at Ryerson University has recently completed a research project studying some of these trends.

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Le village dans le ciel

Read this article in English.

Dédiée à l’art et à la découverte de différentes cultures, Rachel Bussières, étudiante en anthropologie à l’Université Laval, a développé une véritable passion pour la photographie. Contemplative et patiente dans sa démarche, elle parcours un long processus d’essais : derrière chaque photographie s’en trouvent beaucoup d’autres. Depuis son voyage initiatique en Inde où elle a travaillé comme photographe au sein de deux différentes associations, the Tibetan Women’s Association à Dharamalsa et the International Society for Ecology and Culture au Ladakh, sa relation à ce médium est devenue très intime.

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Will Canadian copyright reforms spell bad news for distance education between India and Canada?

Athabasca University President, Frits Pannekoek, released an open letter to students late August encouraging them to speak out against potential reforms to Canada’s copyright legislation.

“This legislation could well end our ability to contribute to building Canadian and overseas learning communities. Countries with wiser copyright regimes that promote educational use will catapult ahead of Canada. No longer will we be internationally competitive, because of the restrictions contained in the legislation. We need to seek balance between the protection of rights, the rights of learners, and our international competitiveness in distance and e-learning.” ~Frits Pannekoek

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Chadha now a key India resource for the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

His business may be ‘nuts,’ but don’t be fooled, Baljit S. Chadha is one of Canada’s tycoons when it comes to engaging India’s markets. In his years with Balcorp, Mr. Chadha has not only built a name for himself as a successful businessperson, but also as a community leader and a public policy difference maker. Now he turns his attention to an advisory role with the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF) to help the policy think tank expand its resources in relation to India.

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New Publication

State, Society and Economy in the Twenty-First Century: Canada-India Perspectives
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute 40th Anniversary Commemorative Volume
Edited by: A.S. Narang
New Delhi: Manohar Publisher and Distributors © 2009

(From the insert)
The essays in this volume bring out new trends in strengthening Indo-Canadian relations and hope for a positive growth. At the same time they highlight the challenges in the way. This Volume is part of the various efforts initiated to enhance political and cultural understanding between two different nations belonging to two different civilizations, but capable of contributing significantly in world affairs in a positive manner…

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The Road Taken
The Road Taken

In January 2005, Aiama left for Chennai where he would travel to four different villages in six months. Continue...

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