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Shastri Institute Photo Competition 2009

Winning Photo


Youth Intern Prabjit Barn photographs a group of young boys standing in front of a wall surrounding the abandoned Union Carbide pesticide factory in Bhopal. The factory was abandoned in 1984 after an industrial gas leak, which resulted in thousands of deaths, and is the cause of on-going contamination of the groundwater. The wall, which prevents access to the contaminated site, is painted with demands for site clean up by the residents of the surrounding communities. During her internship, Prabjit Barn assisted in the gathering of data for the design and implementation of programs to alleviate long-term consequences of the Bhopal tragedy.


Barn 3 Sportel 2 Sportel 3 Sportel 4 Sportel 5 Benoit 1 Chakrabartty 3 Geary 3 Khushrushahi 1 Kumar 1 Thibeault 2 Lekhi 1